The original Kelly Landscaping Nursery was located in Gaithersburg from 1984 to 1990. In 1990 we closed the nursery to focus on our landscaping company with the full intent to purchase a larger piece of property and begin growing trees again. In 1995 we purchased a larger plot of land and began moving our operation and nursery to Laytonsville.

Mature specimen tree planting has become one of our major endeavors.  As we all get older, we do not want to wait along time for trees to reach a mature size.  To fill this need, we are constantly buying and moving specimen trees from other locations and planting them in our nursery for future growth and sales.  They are planted at our nursery where they are pruned, fertilized, and irrigated with drip irrigation.  We know that when we transplant it to your site, it will do well.  Our specimen tree inventory is always changing.  You can see pictures of the selection of trees we have in the Plant Catalog section of this website.  We also have smaller specimen trees for those customers who are willing to wait a little longer  and  enjoy  watching  their landscape  grow.   Pictures of some examples of these trees can be viewed  in our  picture gallery by Browsing Plant Types.