About this Catalog

We grow many uncommon plants as well as reliable old favorites. In an effort to educate and inform you about material you may not be as familiar with, we have attempted to write reliable and useful descriptions. If you have had a different experience than the description found, please let us hear from you. It is important that descriptions are accurate.

In the course of developing this catalog, we have used the following references along with the help of fellow nurseryman Jerry Faulring. As you are aware, the literature frequently conflicts in terms of botanical names, common names, plant descriptions, mature size dimensions, satisfactory growth zones, flower color, and more. The resources available to us can be scant in some cases and may relate the result of one observer in a single location. The references used are among the most reliable and authoritative. However, we make no representation to the accuracy of the information. Local experiences may vary dramatically from the information given particularly with regard to a plant’s ability to survive high and low temperatures. Please refer to these and other resources for additional information.

To a lesser degree, many other references, too numerous to mention, have also been used. Should you find an error, it will be greatly appreciated if you bring it to our attention. Our long-term objective is to provide you with information that is educational, useful and above all else—accurate. Thanks for any help you may wish to offer.